Tuesday, 14 October 2014

What Blogging Means to Me.


So it's been a while since my last post. I just wanted to explain to all of you lovely people why I don't post regularly.

People all over the world compose blogs for many reasons. Some write to tell stories, some write to give reviews and recommendations. Some, like myself, write because it is the only way to keep ourselves sane. It helps to put thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories and experiences down on paper (or, in this case, on the Internet). I can't tell you exactly why. Sometimes it just helps to get everything out of your head. The idea of other people reading it is comforting (if slightly crazy and scary), too. It also helps you to feel like you're being heard, that your ramblings are worth being read. Some people write to not only make themselves feel less alone, but to help drive away other people's loneliness. I write for all of these reasons, and more. For me, writing is the most therapeutic practice out there.

Over time this has become more than a hobby. Everything that I've said from my first post on-wards has been so deeply personal. And I cannot thank the Internet/blogging world enough for welcoming my presence with open arms. However, writing about these issues is so intense. I feel that I cannot always do it on a regular basis, which is what I aimed for in the beginning. But as we know, life rarely turns out the way you expect. Sometimes, usually at two in the morning for no reason whatsoever, I feel the urge deep inside my soul that it's time to write again. I cannot predict when this will happen. I have so many ideas for topics I want to discuss, but retrieving them from inside my head and writing them down in a way that others can understand is a gruelling process, and does not happen overnight. It takes me months to formulate an idea, and to emotionally come to terms with it before I can even begin drafting a post. The end is ultimately therapeutic, and it always always makes me feel better, but the process takes me time and courage to get through.

Perhaps if the subject matter were not so personal, I'd be able to roll out a new post every week. However, in my opinion, this blog to me has always been about speaking from the heart. So, even though in future I may create other blogs about music I enjoy, books I love and maybe just ramblings from every day life... This place; Shorter Beats, is here and waiting for when I'm ready to speak about the intimate truths that come from my very core. Thank you for understanding that this means so much to me, because essentially, it is me... and for that reason, it takes time. I hope that you feel that the wait is always worth it, and more than anything that my words nearly always make sense!


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